November 22, 2013

that one time.

hey remember that one time when i went on a multi-month hiatus from blogging?
oh wait, that's every few months.
sorry friends.

it has been a little crazy over here. 
school is busy, busy, busy with projects on papers on meetings but none-the-less, finally feeling like i am making a difference in the healthcare system and the sfgh patient's lives. 
a great but often overwhelming feeling.
thanksgiving, masters exam, graduation, b's graduation, holiday parties, christmas, all things job related, and much more coming up in the next bit. lots of fabulous things to look forward too.
can't wait to have you along for the ride!
so that's whats up around these parts.
no promises, but i hope that i can be a little better over my favorite season of them all. 
too many fun things to celebrate over the coming holiday season.

oh and in my time away, i became an RN- wahoo!

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