March 27, 2013


i would consider myself a passionate person.
i can be the most stubborn, tenacious, and persistent person when were dealing with something that i am passionate about and i have recently been introduced to a whole new level of
'emily wants to save the worlds children/ travel bug/ be a strong female/ make a change'
type of thing.

the other day, i attended a lecture on human trafficking,
(usf puts on the most incredible speaker series and guest lecturing)
primarily women and children,
both for labor and sex,
domestically and internationally.

get your attention?
i would strongly urge you to take some time and check out this organization.
get involved, buy an item to support, or better yet read the book and become informed on todays trafficking state.
it's the number two most common criminal act in the world today.
crazy, right?

the organization and its staff were incredible, smart, diligent, and empowering.
it's worth you're time. for sure.

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