September 20, 2012


recently, i have been inundated with newness.
everyday is a new thing, new person, new adventure, new lesson, new something.

i am at the peak of my 'want to change the world/healthcare/peoples lives/etc' and i promise myself daily that i will remember this fire that i have for nursing and carry it on into my life, despite the callous and jaded approach that many seasoned professional acquire.
i want change, hope, newness, and innovation daily.
i am flooding over with project ideas, healthcare practices, educational tidbits, and random thoughts.

thus, i have decided to vision board.
it think its my only way to narrow down my ideas and focus a little bit of my crazy creativity that i have pent up from all of the time that i spend doing scientific, technical, specific focus type school work.
this weekend, it shall begin and i hope to keep it as a way to collectively work towards all my goals and hopes. 

i found a few pretty awesome ones on pinterest that may serve as my inspiration.
more to come.
maybe you want to give it a try too?

happy visioning!

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