November 17, 2011

bar carts.

two things bring me to post on this topic...
a. today is thursday and i think thursdays are the best day to 'beverage'
b. holidays are approaching and i would say that holidays are better with a little 'cheer'

if you disagree will you humor me and let me introduce you to bar carts. i absolutely love the design and concept of a bar cart. its simple, decorative, entertaining, and i am loving these ones. hoping to find an old, tattered one that i can transform in some fun way for my poor grad student apartment. i feel like my four stemless wine glasses, miniature bottle of argentinean wine, and 'i heart slo' shot glass are enough to start me off.
how great are these?
and how great is it to treat yourself to a nice gin and tonic?

i'll leave you with this recent family quote...
my sister: "our family has never really had a drunk holiday."
my aunt: "ha oh hannah, you just never knew."

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