November 22, 2010

week of thanks

happy almost thanksgiving day!

im grateful for many things these days.
some of them being...

1. my sister is coming home wednesday
2. hanging out with mom, dad, and home-cooked food starting tomorrow
3. my soon-to-be pt brandon
4. all of my hilarious roomies
5. the almost wintery weather- bring on the cold
6. high school girlfriend reunion this week
7. new neighbor friends that are the best
8. homey fireplace, pumpkin, and christmasy smells everywhere
9. my beautiful camera
10. a new homework hideaway-kreuzberg book bar and coffee lounge in slo
11. christmas right around the corner
12. the return of the peppermint mocha

just to name a few...
what are you grateful for? big or little? past or present?

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