January 19, 2010

januarys obsessions

since this is a little record of a few passions and plans of mine, i decided to let you know about a few of my recent obsessions so that you can try them too!

::: bok choy! i have tried this (and am in love!) and i am anticipating this for tomorrow nights dinner! my dad is also growing a massive amount of soy choy (similar to bok choy im assuming?) so that should be exciting and delicious!

::: social stratification! i am in love with my new class and yes, ill say it, reading the text for the class (ps my professor at cal poly wrote the book, fancy that!). i find it even more interesting when i am able to enjoy a fresh, toasted everything bagel (it even has little sea salt on it) from black horse coffee shop in downtown SLO.

::: michael buble's new cd- "crazy love". buy it on itunes, you wont be disappointed! and while you're at it, "i'm alive" by kenney chesney and DMB (if you aren't already in love)

::: freerice.com check it out, especially as we watch the haiti disaster unfold. for every answer that you get right the united nations world food bank will donate 10 grains of rice

::: anderson cooper's blog where i track everything newsworthy when im not watching the news

::: TOMS! i know its all over this blog but for every pair of shoes that you purchase right now, toms will send $5 to the american red cross. in addition, toms will be dropping off 30,000 pairs of shoes to haiti in the beginning of february... once again i love toms!

i know, i know most of this is about food. i cant help it, ive been raised to cook, eat, and serve other people food whenever possible! i hope your new years resolutions are coming along well!

happy january!!!

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